160,000 Convicts!

The history of British convicts being sent to Australia goes back to 1787 and continued until 1868. Approximately 160,000 convicts were transported during those years.

Australian Convict Records


 Australian: Convict Records, will take you through their history and the abundance of available records.

What You Will Learn:

The course begins with the historical background of the British Penal Colonies in Australia.

Who was sent to Australia, where they came from, and what their offenses might have been is discussed as well as the stories of convicted women and children.

Also explored are the different penal colonies, the names of many of the transport ships, and what life was like for the convicts.  You will look at trial records, newspaper reports, and what happened after someone left the convict system.

Research strategies and a comprehensive list of websites and other resources are included in the course. 

This course can be taken as an elective or for personal interest. It is included in our Australian Records Certificate.

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Australian: Convict Records

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