The ABCs of Eastern Europe Research

The different languages and alphabets of Eastern Europe often pose a challenge for many genealogists.

The course, Eastern European: Languages and Alphabets focuses on understanding how to read those commonly found words in records.

What You Will Learn:

Along with an overview of the most common languages and alphabets in Eastern European records, you will find modules on how to work with them. These modules include word lists, basic vocabularies, and the written alphabets.

Reading and interpreting the records is covered, as well as proper transcription rules and symbols. Handwriting terms, document reading tips, and working with foreign letters is discussed.

There is a module on translation tools that are available to assist you. The last module gives you several exercises to practice your newfound skills.

The course also contains a comprehensive bibliography and a list of websites to enrich your research.

This course can be taken for personal interest or as an elective. It is one of the courses included in the Eastern European Certificate.

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Eastern European: Languages and Alphabets

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