English Ancestors at Work

Builders, Farmers, Fishermen, and Weavers

These are some of the occupations our ancestors would have had to support their families.

English: Occupations – Professions and Trades takes you on an exploration of nine main groups of trades and professions that were commonly held by our ancestors.

What You Will Learn:

The modules in this course will take you through where to find your ancestors’ occupations, an introduction to printed sources outlining the various professions and trades, and the training and qualifications they needed.

You will explore occupations including agriculture, whaling, domestic services, manufacturing, and building.

Women and children in the workplace, their trades, and working conditions are discussed. Associations such as guilds and trade unions, as well as professional occupations such as lawyers, doctors, and the roles of civil servants are included in the course.

Included in the course is an extensive bibliography for further reading as well as websites to enrich your research.

This course can be taken for personal interest or as an elective. It is one of the courses included in the English Records Certificate.

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English: Occupations - Professions and Trades

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