Beyond the OPRs

Searching for your Scottish Ancestors?

Scottish: Beyond the OPRs continues where Scottish: Old Parish Records left off.

You’ll further your Scottish research by examining Kirk session records including BMD, general assemblies, and synods.

What You Will Learn:

The Registration Act of 1854 brought forth several changes to the way churches kept their records and what was recorded.

You will examine a timeline of the historical religious changes in Scotland, the organization of the Church of Scotland including the contents of its records, as well as several other denominations and what their records held. You’ll learn where to access the records, how to read them to retrieve the information you need, and what to do with any inconsistencies you may find.

Module discussions also include the repercussions of the 1783 Stamp Duty Act, mortcloths, public punishments such as the “Stool of Repentance”, and how illegitimate births were recorded.

The course includes historical timelines, photos and transcriptions of documents for you to examine, as well as a comprehensive list of websites and further resources. The final module is dedicated to online research including how to find information in Scotland’s People and The National Records of Scotland.

This course can be taken for personal interest or as an elective. It is one of the courses included in the Scottish Records Certificate.

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Scottish: Beyond the OPRs

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