Canada's Military

Canada has a long colourful Military history whose records hold a wealth of genealogical information.

Canadian: Military Records will take you from the War of 1812 through to the Korean War in the 1950’s.

What You Will Learn:

The first module introduces you to the different types of records that are available, where to find them, and research strategies.

The course continues into the 19th Century with discussions around the formation of the militia, rebellions, land grants, and border raids.

Continuing into the 20th Century you will examine the South African War, and World War One, including the Royal Canadian Navy and the Royal Air Force. World War Two and the Korean War are included in the military studies of the 20th Century.

Many other topics are discussed within the course modules. These include the Red River Rebellion, the Nile Expedition, and the Royal Military College. You will also explore war diaries, auxiliary records, medals, honours and awards. By the end of the course, you will be able to access several types of records to confidently research your military ancestors.

The course includes a comprehensive list of websites and books for further research.

This course can be taken as an elective or for personal interest. It is included in the Canadian Records Certificate.

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Canadian: Military Records

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