Culture and Folklore

Are you curious about your family's traditions and beliefs? 

Demystifying Culture and Folklore will take you on a journey through their stories, the importance they placed on symbols, and how they connect to life in today's world.

Demystifying Culture and Folklore

Stories, unspoken rules, religion, specific foods, and more, blended to form the culture and beliefs of our ancestors.

Explore how these influenced your ancestors throughout their lives as they developed their sense of identity and built a culture that has often been passed down through generations. Course discussions include family folklore, culture and subculture, and how our ancestor’s belief systems and core values relate to our lives.

What will you learn?

Demystifying Culture and Folklore is designed to help you unravel the mysteries of your family's past. From understanding different cultural traditions to navigating online databases, you will gain the skills and knowledge needed to uncover your ancestors' stories.

This course can be taken for personal interest or as an elective. It is one of the courses included in the Professional Development Certificate.


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Demystifying Culture and Folklore

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