The History of DNA

Many families have been brought together by genealogists who are utilizing both DNA testing and traditional research.
The world of Genetic Genealogy is a fascinating topic that is rapidly gaining popularity.

DNA testing is not just for genealogists. It has been used for solving cold cases, anthropology questions, and historical mysteries of identity.

DNA: Historical Studies will give you the history of DNA testing and explain how it is used for historical research.

What You Will Learn:

The course begins with the history of DNA and genealogy, a discussion of the common consumer DNA tests on the market, and how DNA is used for historical studies and research. Several case studies will be examined such as The Titanic Baby, Jesse James, and the Golden State Killer. The use of DNA in solving cold cases and military repatriation is also explored.

This advanced level course is included in our DNA and Genetic Genealogy Certificate.

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DNA: Historical Studies

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