English Probate Records

English Probate Records, particularly wills, often hold a fascinating look at a family’s dynamic.

As one of the most important probate documents, a will usually mentions family members, sometimes including several generations.

English: Probate Records takes you through some of the more important documents held in probate. The documents can include wills, inventories, guardianships, and Death Duty Registers.

What You Will Learn:

Beginning with the basics of writing a will, you will explore different types of legacies, estate valuations, and terminology used in probate documents. The contents of a will are discussed, along with codicils, attestation and witnessing, and laws that may affect a will.

You’ll look at probate records before and after 1858, how to find and obtain them, the “Chain of Courts”, and the reasons why you might not find a will. Non-Deposited probate records are discussed, along with probate accounts and disputes over the validity of wills. The genealogical value of death duties and their records is explored as well.

Other areas that are examined include the Isle of Man and the Channel Islands probate as well as Welsh wills.

A comprehensive list of websites to further your research is included in each of the six modules as well as a list of recommended books for further study.

This course can be taken as an elective or for personal interest. It is included in our English Records Certificate program.

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English: Probate Records

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