Family Heirlooms

How do you protect and save your family heirlooms?

Precious memories are held within photos, mementos, and documents – but how do we keep them safe to share with the next generations of our families?

Preserve Your Family History Documents and Heirlooms answers that question.

What You Will Learn:

Several different cleaning and storage techniques are discussed, as well as how to display your heirlooms without causing them damage. The importance of digitizing documents, photos, audio recordings, and home movies is explored. Attention is given to special heirlooms such as textiles, wood, or metal (clothing, furniture, jewelry etc.). A discussion of archival products available on the market today will assist you in deciding what is best for your specific preservation needs.

This is an elective course that can be added to any of our certificate programs or taken for personal interest.

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Preserve Your Family History Documents and Heirlooms

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