Genealogical Skill Building

Developing strong research skills and organizing your findings are keys to successful genealogy.

Genealogists tend to amass quantities of information, photographs, and memorabilia. This can become overwhelming unless a strong organizational system is put into place.

Methodology Part 2 – Organizing and Skill Building addresses the question of how to narrow down your research and explores several different organizational methods to help keep everything easily accessible.

What You Will Learn:

How to organize your research with the use of numbering systems, pedigree charts and family group sheets. Various forms that can be used to record your findings are discussed including the importance of planning your research, keeping a research log and what to record on it. The modules on skill building include the basics of transcription, abstraction, and citations. The GPS (Genealogical Proof Standard) is discussed as well as the use of evidence to prove your research hypothesis.

This course can be taken for personal interest or as an elective. It is one of the courses included in the Methodology Certificate.

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Methodology 2 - Organizing and Skill Building

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