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how to use google for genealogy research

Google is more than a search engine and email app. It can give you tools to enhance your genealogical research. Google for the Wise Genealogist will introduce you to many Google products that will enhance your research.

What You Will Learn:

Google for the Wise Genealogist will introduce you to many of Google’s products. You’ll start your course with an overview of your Google account, including some lesser-known features such as Google Keep and Google Alerts. You’ll move on to search techniques and how to structure your search to narrow down the results. Mapping your ancestor’s migration patterns, finding digitized genealogy books and magazines, using Google Docs and Sheets for word processing, and research logging are discussed. Creating and maintaining a blog, explore using Google Translate, and various other Google products, too.

This course is an elective that can be taken for personal interest or towards a certificate program.

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