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Irish: Religious Records (formally Irish: Conformist and Non-Conformist)

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Irish Religious Records Updated Genealogy Course


This course focusses on the differences between the various parish records in Ireland, particularly between the Roman Catholic Church and the conformist records of the Church of Ireland. Historical backgrounds, content and availability of the records and effective research procedures will be discussed.

What You Will Learn:

Beginning with an introduction to Church Records, including the history of their compilation, major denominations will be examined. The module for each denomination includes its historical background, practices and beliefs, and what is contained in the records. Emphasis is primarily placed on pre-1864 research problems where the parish records are major sources of information. The location of the records and the valuable genealogical information they contain is also explored.

This course can be taken for personal interest or as an elective. It is included in the Irish Records Certificate.

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Irish: Religious Records

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