Mayflower Ancestors

Have you wondered if you are a Mayflower Descendant?
Research: Mayflower Ancestors may help you answer that question.

There are an estimated 35 million people descended from the original 102 passengers on the Mayflower!

What You Will Learn:

This informative five-module course begins with the story of the Pilgrims. Beginning with their religious persecution in England, to their exile in Holland, and their voyage to the New World, they lived lives of faith and determination.

The reasons behind the decision to leave Holland and voyage to the New World is discussed, as is the voyage itself. The issue of where to land and settle is explored, along with The Mayflower Compact. Included is a full list of passengers and those who left descendants. Original records, periodicals and journals, family genealogies, and the use of DNA for your Mayflower research journey are explored. 

Research strategies include a comprehensive list of websites, printed materials, archives and repositories, as well as information on The Mayflower Society and other Mayflower associations. Recommendations are made for further reading and building your own Mayflower Research Library include early historical works, as well as Pilgrim biographies and their histories.

This is an elective course that can be added to any of our certificate programs.

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Research: Mayflower Ancestors

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