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Scotland has a history of poor relief that goes back to Medieval times.

Scottish: The Poor and Poor Relief explores the history of how the poor were supported and how the support systems were founded and developed.

What You Will Learn:

Records and documentation regarding poor relief in Scotland are abundant. This documentation will give you a detailed insight into the lives of the impoverished. The course covers the records in detail and explains how they can be used to trace your ancestors. You will learn various research strategies on how to search both formal documentation and several other available sources.

You will begin with the history of how the poor of Scotland were supported from medieval times to the mid-twentieth century. You will also explore the system of poorhouses as well as how the inspectors of the poor administered relief.

Among the topics being discussed are Beggar’s Badges, health issues of the poor, and the history and operation of the Poorhouse system.  The support given to women and children, migrants, and the infirm are examined. How needs were assessed for the kinds of support given are discussed as well.

The Poor Law Amendment Act of 1845, why it was created, and how it was implemented will be examined. You will look at the process of applying for poor relief and the criteria required for needs assessments. Also explored are Parochial Board Minutes, applications for relief, and reasons why some were not eligible for assistance due to their circumstances.

Included in the course is a list of books for recommended reading, websites to assist you in your research, and case studies which illustrate the criteria needed and procedures used to assess the needs of various people.

This course is included in the Scottish Records Certificate. It can also be taken as an elective or for personal interest.

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Scottish: The Poor and Poor Relief

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