Pioneer Ancestors

Do you have a pioneer in your family tree?
Or, perhaps, a famous outlaw?

There are many stories of the Wild West, pioneer wagon trains, the gold rush, and the industrialization of the western states, including Alaska. Fortunately, there is an abundance of records available for genealogists to search through.

Research: U.S. Western States Ancestors explores the history and records of seven Western states, sharing where to find the information you may be looking for.

What You Will Learn:

The course begins with an introduction to researching the Western States by looking at map collections, government records, census, and major finding aids and resources.

You will explore the available records and history for Idaho, Wyoming, Alaska, Oregon, Montana, Washington, and California.

The module for each state examines important events in the state’s history. You will also look at the government and legislation, vital records including churches and cemeteries, and maps for each state.

Each of the seven modules includes a list of websites and suggested reading to enhance your research.

This is an elective course that can be added to any of our certificate programs.

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Research: U.S. Western States Ancestors

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