Important FamilySearch Announcement

FamilySearch is Updating Their Website

We so appreciate how helps genealogists research and preserve their family’s history. FamilySearch freely shares their vast genealogical library and has become one of the most valuable sources for genealogists. 

FamilySearch is constantly updating their website, as are most organizations including the International Institute of Genealogical Studies. Updates include new material as it comes available and to make genealogical information more easily accessible for genealogists. 

You may notice these changes as you work through your course material and personal research. Change is part of genealogical research.

The website updates will be ongoing for many entities, and we encourage you to use your research skills should you find that some of the pages you use are moved or come across broken links. This is where we become genealogical versions of Sherlock Holmes.

FamilySearch has shared the following information pages with us:

New Library Page:

Catalogue Changes:


International Institute of Genealogical Studies

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