Course Update! Forensic Genealogy

Forensic Genealogy is one of the fastest-growing fields in the world of genetic genealogy.

Forensic Genealogy Online Course Update

We have added a section on Investigations and Legislation.

You will find the section on Investigations and Legislation under “Additional Websites of Interest” inside the course content for Forensic Genealogy once you're enrolled in the course.

DNA and Genetic Genealogy can become a rewarding career as you reconnect family members who have drifted apart, repatriate fallen soldiers, search for estate heirs, work on cold cases, and more.

What You Will Learn:

This course will teach you the basic skills of Forensic Genealogy including the fundamentals of DNA testing, and sources to locate living people. It begins with an introduction to descendant research, sourcing documents and records for your research, and online databases. You will also explore terminology and the various DNA tests that are currently available.

Forensic Genealogy is included in our DNA and Genetic Genealogy Certificate and our Professional Development Certificate.

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