Collection: Canadian Records

The Canadian Department is under the guidance of Susanna de Groot, PLCGS, and Cheryl Levy, PLCGS. All Canadian resources for all provinces will be covered. Included are the 16 Canadian courses. Enroll now.

To receive your Certificate in Genealogical Studies-Canadian Records you must successfully complete 16 Canadian courses, 14 Methodology courses, and 10 Elective courses. Total of 30 compulsory credits and 10 elective credits.

On successful completion of all the requirements, you will be awarded the post nominals PLCGS (Professional Learning Certificate in Genealogical Studies).

**Printed Course Materials are only for purchase by students who have purchased or are enrolled in the course. All orders for printed course materials by non-students will be cancelled. Let us help you purchase the course and matching printed materials if you're having trouble. 

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